About me

At a young age, I developed a love for most things artistic. My Auntie Ritie was an incredibly talented artistwho taught and inspired me to have the love for painting I do now.  After a long hiatus, I regained the inspiration to present a collection I am very proud of.

I have always loved expressing myself artistically and have recently rediscovered my love for painting. My new and favourite method is painting with Acrylics.  My work is a result of pouring out my heart onto canvas;   I focus only on the emotions I am trying to portray and let the paint direct me where to go.  As I learn from other artists and instructors, my style and art are continually changing and evolving.  I love texture, bright colours, and using many materials besides just paint and canvas.

In 2017, I moved to East Coulee, where I am living my dream of having a fantastic studio.It is a perfect size for giving lessons to a max of 6 students at a time. 

I have works hanging in the Badlands Gallery in Drumheller, please stop by to see all the wonderful works of art from the very talented artisits in the Valley.


Stay tuned for more information.